Monday, November 3, 2008

I want to be like Jesus...

I haven't done anything remotely productive today. And I'm feeling rather miserable as of now. I blame the dumb cold for that and nothing else. And there's something new that I've learned today, like I learn something everyday. It is always easy to complain and be cranky and expect everyone to treat me like a queen when I am sick. But to be patient and good-natured is a hundred times tougher.

And at this point, there is only one question that rises in my heart. What would Jesus do? He definitely would not complain and throw attitude and "sad puppy" faces at the people around. He would silently go about his work, without complaining a wee bit, and he would not make life hell for people around Him just because He was un-well.

He has left a big example. Maybe I should say, "But He was God!" and forget all about trying to be like Him.

But no matter how hard i try, I can never forget this - that He was as much human as He was God.

I want to be like Jesus...