Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The search...

The sun's gone down and it's slowly becoming colder. The colours are slowly turning grayish. Very soon it will be completely dark. A lovely evening, and here I am, sitting all by myself, looking out of my window... I don't have much of a view really. Only a few palm leaves, some very bushy bushes, and a little patch of white wall. I can hear the cars honking as they pass by on the nearby road. I hear the sounds of labourers hard at work; the clinking of their hammers, the buzzing of their machines... Also the cawing of a stray crow and the far away bark of a lonely dog, chained up perhaps, and straining at his reigns to break free.

The day is ending. The sun has gone down and the moon will be rising soon. Everyone wants to go back home after a hard day's work, back to their loved ones, back to their own spaces, back to their warm comfortable beds.

And in all this, I am looking for that bit of me which I have lost. For that tiny bit of me which was more precious than all the gold and silver of the world: that little piece of me called innocence...