Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some of the best moments of my life

Ever noticed that the best moments in life are usually shared with the wrong persons?! For example, falling in love for the first time, which is such a beautiful feeling, usually happens with the wrong person!! Which is why we have seconds and thirds and fourths and so on and so forth... I guess!

Well, I can't speak for others, but for me, many of the beautiful moments of my life have been shared with all the wrong people! I am not saying wrong because they broke my heart or something, but wrong because we were just so misplaced in that situation, like having a vastra-haran scene in the middle of Ramayana!

As a child, I had always dreamt of going on a super romantic walk with the guy of my dreams. You know, moonlight, soft breeze and stuff like that. It happened finally, when I was in college – my first ever romantic walk! I was invited and I went and this guy spoke his heart out about the girl he loved so much, who, of course, was not me! He's married now and not with the girl he spoke to me about.

And then, my first ever movie date. The movie was 'Hulchul'; Priyadarshan's. What I had fantasised as the most awaited 'major' event in my love life was, again, spent with the wrong person. Persons actually. We were three of us. Get the drift?!

The biggest goof-up, I would say, was the first slow dance. All girls dream of this, you know. Slow dancing with the perfect macho man who just lifts you off the floor and you feel like you are gliding amongst the clouds. Everything was perfect until the last dip. The music ended, everyone clapped, but not me. I was busy nursing a hurting bum. Yes, I lost balance. Yes, he could not hold my weight. Yes, I fell down. And yes, he was a very wrong person to slow dance with for the first time.

So that's the saga of my misplaced firsts and best moments of life.

But one thing I’d have to say. These moments may have been shared with the wrong persons. And yet, they are extremely memorable. After all, isn’t that what makes life interesting? Mistakes, bloopers and stuff like that?!