Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Love Weekends!

I suppose this was the first time I did something that I ought to do on a weekend. I went to two plays, one on Friday night and the other on Saturday night. 

Considering the fact that Saturday is a working day for me, I hardly ever do anything on weekends, except go to church, buy the week’s grocery and wash and clean the house. I guess this is generally the case with all single working girls who live in a place of their own and not in a hostel or a PG. Yeah I am a single working woman, and I live in a place that I can call my own, with my sister and brother for roommates. 

But let’s not digress from the point. I started writing this piece because I wanted to put down, in words, my experience over the weekend, which, thankfully, is not over yet. 

Friday was a bad day for me. Bad, because at the start of the day, it looked like I was going to be absolutely jobless, which in itself is a pretty bad thing and it prompted me to decide that I would for the play. Just when the clock struck five, news came that there was going to be some work for me after all, and that it was due around eight. Three leaflets, in approximately three hours, for a client I have never written before, in a style I am not too confident in. Bad, bad, bad. It meant I would have to miss the play. 

Now, the play in itself was not that important. But then I had decided that I was going, and that too because I was free, and suddenly this work popped up out of nowhere. Ah, the unfairness of it all!!!

But there was an unexpected turn of events. I was told that this work could be delayed but not too much. It had to go for print the next day, early in the morning. Ah! Yet another chance for me to actually make it to the play! So I made a deal. I would go for the play and have a great time, and at the same time, punish myself and sit up whole night to finish the work and get it done before Saturday dawned.

The play, called Starry Messenger, was a different experience altogether. I had no idea what to expect because this was the first play I went to. But it was nice. It was beautiful in fact, and I enjoyed every bit of it. It really amazes me how the actors can remember all their dialogues and deliver them on-stage in front of such big crowd! I, for one, would surely loose all nerve and run mid-way!

I came back starry eyed from Starry Messenger but not for too long. The work awaited completion.

Now when I come to thing of it, it seems like I was destined to go to the play! Everything seemed to go wrong and yet, at the last moment, everything fell right in place! Golly!

Saturday morning was a haze of too many things happening at the same time. I forgot to write in the introduction of this piece that I did a lot more than just “things that one ought to do on a weekend.” I accompanied by brother and sister, along with a broker, to meet the owner of the new house we are shifting to in April. As we spoke to the new prospective landlord, I deciphered for the first time that there are two things which bring one favor from strangers – father’s name and designation and the amount of money that you can spare for them. Life’s very important lesson learnt – the hard way.

For the first time in my life, I wrote a cheque for a stranger – post dated – and now all three of us are trying to ensure that the money reaches the account before the dates mentioned. A little risk that all three of us decided to take so we could upgrade to a better locality and a more spacious house.

So the entire Saturday was spent half at work, and half at the prospective owner’s place. We had Maggie noodles for brunch along with Maska-Chaska biscuits (yes I have strange taste buds and so do my siblings; maybe it runs in the family!) and repeated the same menu in the evening, mainly because we were too tired to cook anything more elaborate and also because me and sis were getting late for the other play that we were attending.

Even though it felt like we would fall dead on our tracks if we stepped out of the house again that day, we risked it. And it was 100 percent worth it.

Woyzeck was the name of the play and it caught me spellbound right from the beginning till the very end. I might not be the best play-critique as this was only the second play I went to but one thing I can safely say – it was an experience to remember. I was told that the play might not be all that good, and I was asked not to expect much from it. But I loved it. I had an absolutely awesome time and so did my sister. I think it takes a lot of courage and dedication to be able to perform so well in front of a crowd. I have come to respect theatre all the more because of the Woyzeck experience. And thank to Woyzeck, I’ll be attending many more plays in the days to come!

By the way, I also watched Eragon last night, after returning from the play. With due respect to people who liked it, I must say it was total waste of time. Eragon had just one expression on his face throughout the movie and Sapphira looked exactly like what she really is – a computer graphic. Heh!

So, that was my Friday and Saturday. Today is Sunday and I am sitting here writing, updating the blog, playing word twist on Facebook – basically, doing nothing productive in the real sense of the term. And guess what? It feels great!

I love weekends!!!


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