Monday, April 13, 2009

Love Story

The stench of unfaithfulness in the air seems overwhelming as she sits next to him. The night sky is moonless, and the stars seem to have stopped twinkling.


“Just a few minutes more,” she tells herself quietly.


He slips his hand into hers, caressing her palm with his thumb. “I am glad you came,” he whispers, as he nuzzles her neck and kisses it.


She smiles.


The intensity of his kisses slowly increases and reaches her lips. She gives in – to his touch, to his advances. She responds with an un-abashed desire to have him only for herself. He greedily takes what is given him.


An owl takes perch on her favorite tree beside the balcony. Time ticks by.


A sudden gasp fills the air and the owl bolts, flying away into the dark.


“What…?” he says, confused and weakened by his heady arousal and this sudden unexpected move. He stares at his bloody hands and then at her.


Her naked back is turned towards him as she nimbly walks to the faucet beside the dining table, with the bloody knife wrapped carefully between her slender fingers.


She is humming a familiar tune. He knows the song, but it seems to have slipped from his immediate memory.


She turns the faucet handle. The water gushes out, washing away the blood from the knife – his blood.


He tries to call out to her, but his voice is only a hoarse whisper.


“What… have… you… done…?”


She holds him tight, pulling him close to her bare bosom.


“I love you,” she says, cradling his head which is slowly becoming limp. “I love you more than anything else in this world.”


The room slowly goes out of focus and the last thing he sees is her angelic smile.



  1. Freaky & Scary you .

    Okay well that's for the guy who just got Bobbitized .

    Is this one of your dark desires or just a rambling figment of your imagination .

    Well , maybe passions are strong when it comes to Faithfulness !

  2. "Is this one of your dark desires or just a rambling figment of your imagination."

    Could be either or neither!