Monday, April 6, 2009


There was Peggy. There was Mawi. There was Ching. There was Diamond. And there was Tejes. She was the quietest one among them all, and she was the only one who did not try to catch my attention in any way. Perhaps that’s why she actually caught my attention! She was this cute little bundle who looked too tom-boyish to be true. And instantly, I seemed to have a “crush” on her!! I guess I should be careful about how I use the word because at one point of time people presumed, or rather, tried hard to believe that we were lesbo partners! Yuck!

Anyway, getting back to Tejes, I found her very intriguing from the very first time I saw her. She was different from the rest of the crowd. And in a very subtle and most unimaginable way, special and beautiful too.

She hated to be ignored and left out. She hated to be taken for granted.

I remember being with her always, whether it be chapel, class, canteen or those rare Shillong trips. I remember sharing with each other all the minute details of our lives. I remember her as the only person I could be completely honest with. I remember her as a silent and endearing friend who never left my side no matter what I was going through.

And the pranks that we played – the most famous one being the chants of “Mango” and “I love you Apo” from our window during the football season when the lake dries up. Also, the innumerable gossip sessions during which we would plan the most vicious and indescribable revenges on our mean Professors and even meaner wardens!!

We did many things together. We fell in “crush” almost at the same time, but not with each other. We fell in crush with two different guys, both of whom never even turned to look at us. So… we even felt miserable together!

We were so stupid then, all full of zealous pride and at the same time, of childish immaturities which, now when I look back, we should have indulged more in! We were too grown up for our age and so self-righteous too! We were always trying too hard to be the best. But then, who cares? We did manage to have some solid fun when we were together, didn’t we?!

Tejes brought a lot of change into my life. And even though she claims I am the one who changed her, in reality, she is the one who changed me forever. She gave me a whole new perspective towards life. She taught me what it felt like to be loved and respected for who I was. She taught me how to demand and expect nothing but the best for myself.

And scandalous though it may sound, I am totally in love with her and will always be!

On the face, honest and full of hard punch – that’s Tejes for you, and I absolutely adore her!!