Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Imagine this.

Imagine this. There is nothing particularly interesting that you do other than work. You think about work, you dream about work. On weekends, you mull over work. You go through your cell phone contacts and realize that all the people in it are from work. You think hard, trying to recall the last time you actually let your hair down and realize that it was at a party at work.

And then you begin to wonder if your life revolves only around work. So you try hard to think of something really uplifting and productive that you’ve done over the past few days that does not involve work. You finally realize that you bought that so-and-so book which your boss had asked you to read sometime back because it would help in making better choices at work.

You decide that it’s high time you took a break. So you take the day off and sit at home and watch TV. But surprisingly there is nothing interesting on. You have lost track of all that is happening on your once-upon-a-time-favorite series. The music channels do not play music of your taste any more. You browse through the news channels and find a few pretty faces discussing and debating over some obscure topic like afternoon soaps and the latest Hollywood couple.

You refuse to give up and switch on the laptop to watch a movie from your collection. After going through the list you realize that there are at least 20 movies that you have collected from various sources at work but haven’t watched yet. By the time you decide which one to watch, your partner/ subordinate/ whoever is filling in for you at work calls up with a doubt that is impossible to clear over the phone. So you go online and take care of the job yourself.

So, basically, at the end of it, it is a day completely wasted. You did nothing that relieved you of your stress and boredom. Instead, you ended up wasting a day of leave.

Does this ring a distant bell somewhere? It shouldn’t. No really. This is just hypothetical and a purely imaginary scenario with no reference to any kind of reality whatsoever.

Hope you’re having a good day at work.