Monday, November 2, 2009


Our lives have moved in the most weirdly opposite directions imaginable. We were inseparable when we were together. In his own words, we were almost addicted to each other.

We couldn’t spend a day without seeing each other and sharing at least one cup of tea and a pack of Britania Goodday. We even got shouted at by the so called authorities because we were “too close for comforts”!!

But we survived through it all. Our friendship never failed. *touchwood*

This morning I saw his son, his life and blood, a little part of him. Ideally I should have been overcome with emotions and should have wept at this little miracle. But I didn’t. I still haven’t.

I am overawed by this little angel. He is my best friend’s son! MY BEST FRIEND’S SON! Yeah!

The feeling is still sinking in.

A miracle, an angel – my angel – Benjamin.

Love you Benjie!!