Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shuffle on

She doesn’t like surprises. She hates anything that is unexpected. She hates to move out of her comfort zone. She likes her life to be organized, predictable and always in the order she wants it to be.

She likes the Toggle Shuffle button in her winamp player to be off.

He, on the other hand, is spontaneous. He loves taking chances. He loves jumping at opportunities. He loves being disorganized and unpredictable. He loves surprises, because life for him is a BIG adventure.

And, yeah, he loves his Toggle Shuffle button on.

And he tells her that.

“It's always on shuffle,” he says.

And she ponders over it.

“How can he be comfortable with that?” she thinks. “How can he not want to know what song’s going to play next on the list?”

It’s an impossible scenario for her. It’s unbearable not knowing what might come up next.

“One must know what’s coming up next,” she thinks.

And yet, she turns the shuffle on…