Saturday, January 23, 2010


A boy once asked me if I was in love. I said, “Love is a big word.”

It was probably the most wrong thing to say. I came to know later that he had realized that I had a soft corner for him. And he was probably trying to find out how deep my feelings were.

Yes, I shot myself in the foot. Allegorically speaking, i.e.

Such situations are rather un-nice. How do I know if it really is love or just a passing phase? Yeah, I really like the boy. He is good, we get along well, and we have common things to talk about. But how do I know if this is it?!

And another question: if he is moving away from me, should I let him go, or try and hold him back, and make things happen?

I mean, I know there’s this famous saying: “Let go of the one you love. If he comes back, he is yours; if he doesn’t, he was never meant to be yours.”

But what if he is waiting for me to say something and is going away because of my silence? How do I gauge the situation? How do I know what the right thing to say is?!

More importantly, how do I know how deep this is? Everything seems perfect with him around. But is this really it?!

I can’t believe that I am still asking such stupid questions, like some love struck teenager! I should have found the answers by now.

It’s damn irritating.

Lord, please help me out of this lousy situation. And please please please help me grow up!


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  2. Oh, so that's what you were so happy about.

    About the confusing relationships.
    I follow a simple rule.
    Like Beyonce,
    "If you like it, then you better go tell it."

    I can tell you many people have compeletely ignored me when I have expressed similar feelings openly, and eventhough it hurts even now, you know what's the saving grace, at least I was honest about it. And at least I'm not wasting my time over them stll. Some people come into your life for a purpose, and then they are gone. Some stay, and they will stay, only if you tell them.

  3. WTH! Dont just let him drift away...that saying is utter bull...boy's have hearts too...we might get hurt by things gals say and do too...

    I told my feelings to a gal around xmas, and she took it well on the day in qstn...but since then she seems to be avoiding me...My head said 'She hates you dude'...but my sis, who's a close frnd of hers said 'na, dont take it to heart...shes only too shy and confused abt how to react now that she knows ur feelings'

    Her behaviour hurts me a much so that now i dun even wanna be in the same room as she is..or even within her sights...the thought that someone hates me is intolerable..

    So, if u like someone...dont let him drift away, coz he might just not come back...simply bcoz he cant read ur thoughts...


    sorry for the flow of emotions :P jus a lil upsert after reading this :P

  4. @CRD
    :) :)
    glad u came by and read this non-sense! :D