Tuesday, March 9, 2010

H for Happiness

She is emerging from the closet. She is slowly acknowledging him in her life. They may be baby steps, but she is walking towards him little by little, letting go of her fear of the unknown, believing that he will catch her if she falls. She is moving ahead, perhaps not with a lot of confidence, but with the quiet conviction that he’s there a little up ahead, waiting for her; waiting, so they can both determine the course of their journey together.

As an onlooker, these developments make me feel strange inside. It’s that indescribable feeling, when you see the one you love going away with someone else, and yet you can’t be bitter about it because they are both so happy, and you know that that would never be the case with you in the picture.

Looking at them, I suddenly realise that we are all tiny inside, full of worries, inhibitions, unsure of what it is that we want. And yet, some of us dare to take that step and rise above the rest. Like them. I admire them like no one I have admired ever before; and I truly hope and pray that it works out for them. Because I know, seeing them make it together till the end will renew my faith – it will make me believe in love once more.