Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Have you ever wondered why certain things happen the way they happen? And why certain events take a certain course when they could have so easily happened otherwise?

Our paths have crossed each other several times. There have been times when we have been within a few feet of each other, not completely unaware of each other’s presence. We have many common friends. And yet, tonight will be the first time that we’ll really be meeting each other in the true sense of the word.

And yet, we’ve already argued and disagreed, we’ve already been mad at each other, been annoyed, have shared insecurities, burdens, preferences, let each other in on secrets…

It is at times like this that my belief in destiny becomes stronger.

We could have easily met as strangers and not connected at any level. Or we could have bumped into each other with the other common friends and ignored each other completely. Or we could have easily not met at all.

And yet, here we are, meeting at this definite point of our lives, under these definite circumstances, at this definite time.

This can be nothing but destiny.

I don’t know if this means something. I am happy not knowing. I just want the events to unfold slowly, as they should. And no matter if they draw us closer or push us apart, I know for sure that at some level, we have known each other better than the others.

And that, even if it was just for a brief millisecond, we have shared that something special which we both will cherish, hopefully, for a lifetime.

Thank you Mr. Stranger, for coming into my life at the very right moment. :)


  1. they come in our lives for a reason. they fulfill their reasons and leave. Strangers from beginning to the end. Sigh.

  2. @Quietude
    Thank you! :)

    Couldn't agree more...

  3. to relationships

    for giving us things to think about :-)