Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goonja saa hain koi iktara…

…sun rahi hoon soodh boodh kho ke koi main kahani… puri kahani hain kya, kise hain pata…main toh kisi ki hoke yeh bhi na jaani…root hain yeh do pal ki ya rahegi sadaa…

He says, “My fondness for you is beyond consciousness and oblivion; madness and sanity.”

And she believes.

What lies beyond this moment, she doesn’t know. And what’s beautiful is that she doesn’t feel the need to know. All that she wants, all that she needs, is this moment: this perfect moment, in which the whole world ceases to exist, when all barriers are broken and all walls, destroyed; this moment, in which he holds her hand and guides her to a world that she thought existed only in her dreams; this moment, in which she feels him completing her.

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