Thursday, September 30, 2010

Claustro wha???

Deadlines freak me out. Anything that draws a boundary and demands that I accomplish something within a set timeframe freaks me out. Even physical things that limit my movement, like lifts, closed rooms, mazes. Now that I think about it, so do riddles, puzzles (especially sudoku puzzles), crosswords etc. which demand that I think about something really pointedly if I want to get results/ win and thus, limit my intellectual movement.

A bling kind of claustrophobia that, eh?



  1. Hey I really don't know how I get into your blog, but what you have written here has caught my attention! I absolutely feel the same with my life. I hate deadlines any kind of limitation. But I am confused is it because a fear gets into me that "Will I be able to meet the deadline?" or its because I am so confident that I don't bother about any kind of deadlines around?? whats your view on this? I hate this feeling as in Corporate you are always given a deadline with your work and to be honest, the worry/fear of missing the deadline makes my easiest task difficult and I feel I am far more behind what I should be!!

    Anyways a nice and interesting blog.

    Siddhant, from Delhi

  2. @sbkvelocity

    At least in my case, I know that it is a classic case of "Will I be able to meet the deadline?"!

    As a friend puts it, it's all about confidence and self esteem issues.

    But yeah, it could also be over confidence like you mention it. More than over confidence, though, I prefer to call it a disdain for rules and regulations and a superiority complex that ultimately leads to over confidence.


    Thanks for dropping by. And also for liking the blog! :) :) :)