Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What the f*ck.

I have been wondering. From when has the F word become acceptable? To me, I mean.

I swear. At people, yes. Most of the times under my breath, lashing out only under special circumstances, when I audibly pronounce the word and scream it at the person on the receiving end.

Once upon a time, I was the kind of person who would squirm at every swear word. I didn’t even say, “I feel like sh*t.” or “Go to hell.” Yes, I used to be a decent, well behaved, eyes-to-the-floor, dupatta wielding girl.

And then I joined advertising. Sigh!

So yeah, from when has this word become acceptable?

Hard to tell.

It’s kinda weird, how this word sounds acceptable and inoffensive when one person says it, and totally disgusting and bleh when somebody else uses it.

Maybe it’s the attitude with which it is said.

Like I’ve mentioned above, I work in advertising. So on an average day, this word, and many other swear words, are thrown around at everybody like confetti at a wedding. And it’s pretty acceptable.

But the other day, I was at this death metal concert. And there was this long haired, guitar wielding, head banging, growling male specimen on stage. After growling for five painful minutes, he stops.

The crowd deafens me with their extraordinarily loud cheering and hooting.

And then he screams to the crowd, over the PA system:

“Not loud enough! Not f*cking loud enough! Are you f*cking p*ssies?!”

I was appalled.

But guess what? The crowd cheered. They actually cheered this man who had just called them “f*cking p*ssies” for no apparent reason. Not apparent to me at least.

And there was more loud cheering, more head banging and more swearing. And he also screamed “motherf*ckers” into the mic, loud enough for everyone within a one mile radius to hear him.

I think I was a little traumatised by the whole experience. Apologies to all death metal fans, but this is one genre of music I just fail to decipher and hence enjoy.

Why was I at the concert in the first place then? Long story. But now is not the time for that story to be told.

So yeah, getting back to the point, maybe I am not modern enough. Yet.

I mean, I am not exactly conservative, since I do swear and am ok when somebody asks me to f*ck off, or says, “f*ck you” when I criticise/ unnecessarily find fault with them, or make some smart a** comments.

But shouting it out over a PA system? Well, I don’t think so. Not yet at least.

So what does that make me? An ambimodern? Like an ambivert? Or would that be ambiconservative?

Oh well. How does it matter anyway? Lemme just get back to work and other more important issues of life.


  1. it's just a word, you know.

    If you build a wall in front of you
    you will see the wall, only :-P

    see this crack - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D7rWLzloOI

    :-D imagine...

  2. There was a time when tomatoes were considered poisonous!

  3. @Pure
    He he he! Awesome it is. LOL!

    Yup. And "pants" was considered a dirty word! :D

  4. The number of *s that dot 'ass' and 'fuck' etc tells me how much the very idea of it becoming an ordinary occurrence affects you! :D

  5. @ahundredindecisions
    He he he! Hopefully I'll get used to them. Or maybe not! :D