Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A sucky New Year to you too.

I have never been good at keeping men. I somehow never do it right. The drama – it’s either too much or too little; the letting go – it’s also, again too much or too little; the vulnerability thing – it’s also, again, a little too much or too little.

What is it, really?

I am decently good-looking. Ok. One can’t really call me good-looking, but I’m cute. And intelligent. And I am creative (I write copy at an ad agency for chrissake!) with a good taste in movies, music and books. I am fairly abreast with current affairs and I think I can hold my own in a conversation quite well.

So what does that make me?

From my first hand experience, a very potent male repellent.

Yes thank you. I did mention that I am intelligent, didn’t I?

Argh! I am losing it! Just one month into this year and I am losing it already. Can I just disappear please? Can I just run away and never look back? Can I replace this life with a brand new one? Can I turn back time and start afresh?

Ohkay! Time to just shut up and get over it, eh?

This sucks. Go away then. And let me languish in peace.


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