Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Much hoo haa about nothing.

I hate break ups. No, it’s not because of what you are thinking. I hate it because of the baggage that comes along with it. Everything becomes layered and uncomfortable and double meaning-ed. It is so irritating.

It becomes impossible for the two people involved to be normal with each other. There is always a tension in the air. Nothing can be said without the risk of it being over scrutinised. Plans cannot be made together.

I mean, what’s wrong in two people meeting and going for lunch? But once you have been in a relationship and have broken up, that can’t happen. One or the other part of the couple is most likely to misinterpret this as “still having feelings”.

Which, again, might be true. And that exactly is where my unrest lies.

Why can’t feelings be erased along with the break up? It would be really nice if as soon as the relationship is over and done with, the people can call each other like any normal people and talk and not feel uncomfortable about it.

It would be swell if everything could be forgotten – broken promises, hurts et al – and the two said people could return to being the great friends that they were before all the relationship fiasco happened. And they could do whatever stuff they always enjoyed doing together – discuss movies, books, philosophy, religious beliefs, good food etc. etc.

Why should so much baggage be attached to a break up? I utterly and completely fail to understand.


  1. It depends on the nature of the relationship and the nature of the breakup :-). Some people turn out to be best friends :)

  2. @Raaji
    My question is, why can't this happen always? :)

  3. wow! :-P

    i would think we knew why...

    i would say everything has stages...

    the baggage is another stage

  4. A relationship that can be forgotten completely, never existed. That's another thing that people can check displaying it..