Friday, June 10, 2011

I have suddenly had this tremendous insight.

Baba Ramdev is the new age Jesus.

Jesus died for our sins. It was a selfless deed, completed solely for the purpose of our redemption (as can be safely stated from a biblical and Christian perspective.) And while he hung from the cross, almost a dead man, the people around him mocked him and laughed at him. They said, “He healed so many sick people, He raised so many from the dead. Why can’t He save himself now?”

Today, Baba Ramdev is going into a fast unto death because he wants all black money to be eliminated from the Indian financial system. In other words, he is doing this for the good of a nation and its people, which would be us. It is a selfless act, and he is ready to die for us.

And now, when he has been advised to be shifted to a hospital because his BP has dropped alarmingly and his liver is failing, in other words, when he is almost dying, people all over the social media are laughing and scoffing at him. They are saying, “He always said Yoga was above allopathy and Yoga can heal everything. Where has the great power of Yoga gone now?”

The two situations are uncannily similar.

Baba Ramdev, like Anna Hazare, has gone into a fast unto death for the elimination of black money from the Indian system. However, unlike Anna, Baba doesn’t seem to be receiving much support from the common man. Read about the whole issue here and here. The story of his hospitalisation can be read here.

I neither support nor oppose Baba Ramdev's actions. I do not intend to hurt the sentiments of any religious groups. I am just an observant bystander.

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