Monday, July 4, 2011

We are done here

I look up and I see you. There you are, a dark figure, face undecipherable in the dim light.

I hurriedly get out of my chair and walk up to you.

We hug. And for a moment, I forget. I reach out for your hand and squeeze it.

And you respond. Or do you?

That's when the mirror shatters and reality dawns.

This is over. It has long been.

Everything else is muffled; unclear; murky.

We finally say goodbye. The ordeal is over.

We are done here.


  1. "wannabe"
    you're saying you're not? :-O

    and that tagline

    cheers to contradictions! :-P

    I'm still not "done here" so don't relate...

    but good for you. moving on is the smarter thing.

  2. @Pure: According to the people who reviewed my blog, I am anything but one! :D

    Contradictions excite me. I think they are my drug.

    Smarter, yes. But smart has two meanings. :)