Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wishful Thinking

I wish to find you, one more time
Waiting for me at your place’s door
Me, wondering if it would be clean inside
You, wondering if we would both fit in your couch

I wish to fight you, one more time
Over the next session of chilli vodka
Who would slice the chilli, salt the rims?
Which glasses would we use?

I wish to walk with you, one more time
In the dark by-lanes around Museum Road
And wonder what would happen if we broke
Into that shady park and stole a smooch

I wish to lie down next to you, one more time
Naked, watching the ceiling fan make
Its usual inconsequential circles
While you nervously fiddle with my fingers

If wishes were horses, we would still be where we are today
You, running after your dreams, finding new worlds, new people
Me, staring at my phone at midnight
Wondering if I should make that goddam phone call.

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