Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I am caught in the chasm
Between yesterday and tomorrow.
The one that you have created.

I recall moments
Of near-perfect serenity.
When I could hear your
Heart beat. Crystal clear.
Like by a stethoscope  
Examining your soul’s infections.

I foresee us
Embracing madness;
Confessing our temporary love;
Once again –
On the terrace under a half-moon
With the swaying coconut trees
As our witnesses. When you return.

But what of today?
Today, I cease to exist.
Because you aren’t here. 

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  1. Hey there Tinker Belle, I've been visiting your blog for almost a year now and I enjoy what you write up on here, always remember you inspire someone out there, I visit often but often don't see new posts, I feel kinda sad then, oh well, maybe you're busy with work. Nice one anyways!

  2. @Anonymous:
    Thank you so much! I am humbled.

    Will try to be more regular. But more than work, it is the lack of inspiration which causes such long gaps between posts. :)