Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Falling star

And finally, it happened.
I saw a falling star with
A man beside me.

After all the daydreaming and
Stretched conversations
Over the phone, hoping that maybe
Tonight would be the night
So what if I wasn’t
Holding his hand or sitting
Next to him, I could still
Hear him and we would still
Be looking at the same sky
At the same time…
Oh, and those countless evenings on
Terraces, which turned
To nights and then dawns.
Walks on beaches
Till toes got all crumply
And wrinkly…
And stories after stories of ghosts
Around crackling bonfires till
The cold pierced my bones and
Dew moistened everything even
Well covered wooden low-stools.
And lying on sandy river shores till
Sand got into my hair
Underwear, everywhere…
It just happened.

“I think I saw a falling star.”
“Over there, right?”
“I think I saw it too.”

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