Thursday, January 28, 2016


On a cold winter morning bundled up
In the same blanket bodies
Sore from the night before

I want to sit and compare
Scars; little maps of childhood
With you.

I got that when I walked into
A guy sharpening his pencil
With a blade.

This was when I stepped
On my uncle’s Bullet’s silencer when
It was still red hot.

I got this when I tried
Jumping over a
Barbed wire fence.

This happened when
I forgot how to brake when learning
How to ride a bicycle.

I fell off the bottle brush tree.
I walked into a nail on the bathroom wall.

On a cold winter morning, bodies sore
From the night before, I want to compare
Scars with you.

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  1. I'm reading you after a really longtime. Write more!