Thursday, September 4, 2008

The weight loss programme...

There is no programme really. I am just eating less and that's it. Let me just list down what used to be my previous "staple food" and what it is now!!

Breakfast - Rava masala dosa
Lunch - Rice and rasam/ chicken/ papad etc. etc.
Snack - None (ocassionally egg roll)
Dinner - Three helpings of rice with dal/ chicken/ veggies/ potato/ meat etc.

Breakfast - 1 Idli
Lunch - Fruits (either apple or guava or banana)
Snack - None (If too hungry, then another fruit)
Dinner - One helping of rice with dal/ chicken/ fish/ veggies (trying to avoid potatoes)

And yeah, I take Deuce out for a walk after lunch!
I didn't take him today though, coz then Paris would be left behind...
But I plan on walking till the bus stand in the evening. And I walked in the morning too!!

I just hope this works out....


  1. :-) get down girl
    come on
    get down!

    (supposed to be kanye west)

  2. the best way to loose weight fast and stay quite healthy is to quit rice....if that's not possible atleast quit it during me it works wonders! ;)