Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why I want to lose all the extra kilos... finally!!

So... the truth has been revealed. All relationships start off with sex and then slowly develop into true love, which makes the relationship stronger and last forever. Ummm... well... quite the opposite of what I have believed in for as long as I can remember! But let me just give this belief a chance coz I don't have an option but to believe in it!

Ok. So you must be wondering why sex and love and relationships all of a sudden! It all started with me wanting to lose weight and questioning myself why I should. Obviously I alone could find no answer, considering the fact that I am an avid eater and food is all I live for. And so I turned to my friends. All of them spoke of the satiafction of being healthy, the taste of victory after shedding those extra kilos and this and that. None of them seemed to make much of a sense to me primarily because I am, by nature, very complacent, easily pleased and satisfied, never expecting too much out of life. Victory and satisfaction meant nothing to me. And so I never lost all the weight I wanted to!

And suddenly I meet this fellow who, in his own funny way, puts across this truth to me. He says, "Would you ever be physically attracted to a guy who is obese?" My answer is, well, the obvious. I say no. And suddenly I am enlightened! And I feel that at last I have found an answer to my question.

I need to lose weight because I need to find my true love!

:D :D

I know exactly what it sounds like! Cheesy and all, eh? But I seriously want to give it a try. Who doesn't want to lose weight, after all! And since I am the romantic type who believes in "finding" true love and "waiting for the right person", this is the only explanation which is actually driving me to at least attempt at losing all the "baby fat" lodged at all the wrong parts of my body!!!

But then again, am I actually that romantic??!!!

Hee haw haw!!


  1. Best of luck!

    My opinion

    Some people are fat some people thin.


  2. :)

    love you for saying that!!! :D :D

  3. die-hard romantics always bring a smile on my face :)