Saturday, October 18, 2008

Because I believe

And I set out,
Looking for that far away land
Where I hope to see you

I lose my way easily
And I stumble and fall.
I realise that I am walking in circles.
And that you are now further away.

The angels in their pretty halos
Laugh at my folly.
They whisper near my ears,
"But we know better!"

Further away from you
I fall...

I look and I see you,
Now just a small speck
Swirling away into nothingness;
Some more time and you'll be gone.

And yet I trudge on...
I defy the angels
And I walk
Towards you.

I'll walk the streets of gold.
And you'll shield me in your embrace, I know.
Because, I believe
By Your grace
I am saved.