Monday, October 20, 2008


This world is biased. I have always said that and I am saying it again. People here choose their own favourites. They are partial. They do not look at talent or at the heart. They just look at the face. Everything is on face value. Liking. Taking care of. Loving. Using. Abusing. Everything. On face value and face value alone.

But why? Can't we all, just for once, look deeper than the skin, into the heart? Just for once, can't we all shed our prejudices and reach out to each other for what we really are? And start believing in each other again? Start being good again?!

So much artificiality in everything around me. Around us! Ever wondered if your friend is actually keeping your secrets? Ever wondered if your friend is trying to steal your boyfriend? Ever wondered if your friend is trying to use you to attain a better position? Has it ever happened that you are lonely at night and want to call someone but there is no one in your contacts list who you can completely trust?

The world has suddenly turned so hostile. Everyone has grown fangs. Including me.

Isn't there anything that can be done to change all this?


  1. hmmm...

    But why does there have to be betrayal at all, is the question of the hour!

  2. the answer for today is
    "true love only happens in fairy tales"

    Our lives have become too complicated to be honest and free at the same time.

  3. And who is responsible for the complications? Aren't we, ourselves to blame for all that happens around us?