Monday, October 13, 2008

I miss...

I miss racing down from Science block to girls' hostel in the pouring rain and going back again with more umbrellas for the guys! I miss mass-bunking english class and frying fish in the canteen. I miss gossiping about the latest couples in college post college week. I miss Chapel every morning and evening. I miss the loathsome food in the refectory! I miss the ghost stories at night, when the lights would go off and even a trip to the loo would become a nightmare! I miss laughing till my eyes watered at some silly joke inside class. I miss conspiring against the wardens and planning all kinds of catastrophies on them. I miss the green lawns where we would sit all day watching the beautiful blue sky. I miss the trips to the ladies store where everything would be priced at Re. 1 more than the MRP. I miss climbing those 199 steps to high hall to see UCC bathed in silver moonlight.

I miss college week, when football field would become accessible to the girls too! I miss Ashim running around trying to get everyone to the grounds in the mornings so we could at least participate. I miss Bah Vid pulling his very short shorts still shorter while playing badminton and Peggy screaming "Sexy!!" I miss Diamond and Basuk wearing jeans for the first time in college because "It's college week man!" I miss those motivational speeches to Pegasus, because we would lose all the time! I miss all our seniors who would protect us and who ultimately became such good friends.

I miss falling in love at UCC. I miss those stolen moments beside the lake, away from prying eyes...

I miss the memories created in an era so different and distant now.

I miss UCC.


  1. so? :-)

    well, it looks picturesque.

    by the way, don't know if you know, but i have a song called 'tinkerbell'

    here -

  2. eh he!

    I didn't know! will check it out i thinks!!

    ha ha!

  3. BTW it's Tinker Belle not Tinker Bell!!