Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Of "weighty matters" and other non-significant stuff...

This was a special Christmas. To begin with, it was my first Christmas at home after two years. It felt so good to be home and to be putting up the Christmas Tree and all the other decorations at home with Ai and Aba and not just here, in a small one BHK apartment. And for the first time, I guess, I was more excited about giving than receiving this Christmas. A sure sign that I am growing old!! And also it was after a long long time that I heard Aba bringing the Christmas message. It felt good to see him on the pulpit again, preaching and reading out from the Bible, telling the Christmas story in his own way. There was nothing he said that I hadn't heard before. After all, I am his daughter. I have heard all his stories! But then, there was something special in the air when he spoke about the "Peace Child" and the brave man who scarified the life of his little son to save the lives of thousands others.

And not to mention Ai's cooking!

Me, Abo and Baba Leo had a revelation this Christmas hols. We realized that food plays a central role in our lives! Funny as it may sound, but it is the truth. Baba Leo deduced that it could be because we understand what it is like to be in need - in need of food, shelter, companionship, security. Whereas people here always have plenty so it doesn't really matter. Unless you have felt hunger yourself, you wouldn't realize that the person in front of you may be in hunger too. That was one revelation.

Another one was a completely personal revelation. I always knew it, but this time round, it drove home completely. I realized that family is all I need and there is nothing that can replace the love Ai, Aba, Abo and Baba Leo have to offer me. And I also realized that no matter what I become, they'll always be there for me.

Nothing new. Just the usual emotional stuff a girl will come up with after a trip home!! He he!

Oh and yet another revelation. I discovered I have high blood sugar. Which means no more chocolates, pastries and cakes, no more pork and red meat, no more potatoes. Sigh! And it also means I need to shed all the extra weight that I have amassed in order to keep my blood sugar level in control. Guess this is God's way of saying, "This is it! Now you don't have an option. Either lose weight or die!"

Like Baba Leo put it, "Losing weight is a matter of life and death now!"

So the New Year has finally dawned and from the looks of it, it's going to be a lifestyle-changing year for me. I do not ask for much. But yeah, I would love to lose all that extra weight, fall all over again in love, win an award for the best ad (preferably a Golden Pencil), get noticed and asked to model for a lingerie ad, wear those Betty and Veronica kind of very short shorts... Sigh! After all, a girl never wants too much!!!


Happy New Year!!!

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