Friday, January 9, 2009


The first thing I noticed about him was his nose. It was the most unusual nose I had ever seen. He had arrived almost a month later than the actual commencement of classes. He was bespectacled and tall, and had a long neck. And he was extremely straight!

As he entered the class, all eyes turned to him save mine. I don't know why, but I did not turn to see what this guy with such a soft voice looked like. I did turn to look at him when he was shouted at by the Zoology professor. It was more a glance of pity than a glance of possible acquaintance and probably friendship later on that I threw at him. And he looked back at me. His expression was one of extreme un-decipherability! I could not tell if he was angry or embarrassed or scared. His face just seemed completely devoid of emotion. And I guess it was at this time that I fell for him - rod, hook and sinker. Period!

Over the next few days, I would throw him discreet glances and he never seemed to notice that I was keeping an eye on him. I spoke about him with my wall-mate. I did not tell her, of course, that I had "fallen" for him. I just spoke to her generally about him. He was her major-mate and they seemed to have struck upon a comfortable-talkable relationship. I asked her his name and surprisingly she did not know it either! So in every class, we would strain our ears to hear what his name was while he did his round of introductions with the professors. And, guess what? We never heard it!

Finally the day came when he spoke to me. He wanted some notes and he had heard that I had a good handwriting and that I was sincere in class. I, quite predictably, agreed. And I couldn't stop grinning that day. My wall-mate got suspicious. But being the good soul that she is, she did not ask me a single prying question.

And so the days passed and we began speaking to each other. He taught me how to pronounce his name correctly. We walked back together from class (thanks to me lagging behind till all but I and he were left behind!), shared the same umbrella, drank tea together in the canteen and all the stuff that classmates would do together in a residential college. In other words, I did not drop a single clue that he was special to me. But he understood. He told me so later!

Slowly, we grew from being just tea-sharing friends to experience-sharing friends and ulitmately life-sharing friends. And I discovered there was much more to this soft-voiced, kind-looking boy than what was visible to the eye. He was indeed very, very special.

I don't know why, but sparks never flew between me and him. I never got to the stage where I knew he was the one for me. My "crush" for him slowly changed to "admiration" and then to "total respect" to "totally dependable and most loved friend".

I would buy an extra packet of potato chips for him because I knew he would snatch one of mine anyway! And he would always ask me if I needed anything if he went to town. On sad days he would sit by me and make me feel happy again. He would tell me that he was praying for me and that meant all the world to me.

I met many new people in between; people who I thought would make me feel more special and happier than him. But then I was mistaken. Some came to stay while others came and went by. But he remained; always ready to listen, always there to support. He saw me through the darkest bits of my life. He saw the tears and he shared the pain. He taught me what a friend really is...

Thank you Luai. You'll always be special. :D

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  1. oooooooooohhhhhh,
    that's soooooooo sweet of you to wright about me. your a good lair,alway's stayed for you,ha i like that even thought we both know that's not true, i was surely not there enought for you, i am regrating i did not spend much more time with you.
    And for your information when zoology lecturer was shouting at me on my first day in the college, i was looking at the kwai on his left hand and khaini on his right hand, and concentrating on the awful smell of wine that was coming out of his mouth. i did not realised that, that had distracted me so much that i did not mind any thing that he said to me that day.

    I'm sorry things did not turn out like the way you expected in college.