Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The service at Aquaflo hardly flows!

What a pain it is to be a working woman! Specially when you have just started out and can just about afford your own place but not a maid to do the cleaning and washing. That's the pain I face along with my sister. We both share a 1BHK in Bangalore with our brother and work in an advertising firm 6 days a week, which leaves out only Sunday for cleaning the house and washing the whole week's clothes. Which, believe me, can be very tiring considering the fact that on Sundays we go to church, buy the week's groceries and then do all the washing and cleaning!

And so, when I saw that 26th Jan falls on a Monday, I was absolutely overjoyed because at last we had the chance to give the house an elaborate cleaning and also wash the long pending bed sheets!

But as luck would have it, I ended up spoiling the Forbes Aquaflo in the kitchen as I struggled to get rid of the grime that had collected around it because of the exhaust fan.

And now the service man will be coming only on Saturday since on weekdays I am at work till at least 7 and to come after 7 is impossible for him because it is too late! And since today is Tuesday, I have to wait 5 days for him to turn up and fix it. Which is quite pathetic. When I call up airtel for my broadband connection, they turn up in, like, 15 minutes. And these guys will take a week to turn up. And that too, it's not a TV or a washing machine I am talking about, but a water purifier for Chrissake!

Shame on Eureka Forbes for such slack customer service. And shame on me for having bought their product!

Is there any other water purifier in the market other than Eureka Forbes'? I think I want to switch to a better serviced product!

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  1. switch to shuddh 'nal ka paani' ... no pareshaani, no janjhat :p ...