Monday, January 19, 2009

Plans? What plans??!!!

Apart from being a lifestyle changing year, this year also seems to be the year of weddings! Two of my friends just got married to each other and are hosting their reception today in far away Assam. Another friend is tying the nuptial knot in April and another one called today to say that he is getting married by mid-year.

And my first reaction is... God what is the world coming to!!! Why is everyone getting married??!! And then slowly the realisation trickles in. The world has not come to anything. It's just that people are growing older and reaching marriageable age which is why they are getting married!

And considering the fact that most of these friends are either my age or younger to me, it means that I am nearing that age too!

But there is definitely no need to hit the panic button. Let the world do what it wants to do. I'll take things at my own pace!

And of course there is this factor of marriage being not important for me AT ALL. And since everyone is making plans of settling down with their man/ girl, I should start making plans of settling down with the five labs in the farm-house I've always wanted.

By labs I mean not science laboratories but 5 cute, healthy little labrador puppies.

But before that I need to repay my loans and get myself a proper house to live in.

Well, like I said, let me take one little step at a time!


  1. Interesting post - and something I can identify with as people all around me have started saying the M-word too, and dedicated commitment phobics bite the bullet and take the plunge.

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  2. Strange feelings indeed which I believe we all feel ..I too do feel the same

  3. @Juhi
    biting the bullet is the best term!! :D :D

    I guess we all go through this...