Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Her and Him (an attempt at a very short short story!)

He saw her from the corner of his eye. Her eyes were swollen from crying herself to sleep. Her nose was red from constant contact with the handkerchief. Her hair was pulled back into an untidy bun. She had a red envelope in her hand and he knew that she had received yet another letter. And he seethed in anger.

As if leaving her midway was not enough. He had to keep writing to her and tormenting her. He had to keep reminding her of the pain he had caused her. He hated him. And if he could get his hands on him now, he would kill him.

She walked up to the altar to offer a prayer. She sounded strong and unshaken. She was so brave. She said a prayer for everybody, save herself. He looked up at her while she prayed. And he saw the tears rolling off her high cheek bones. And yet, she sounded so strong.

The humiliation that he had caused her... the scar that he had left...

He wanted to hold her in his arms and lull her off to sleep. He wanted to reassure her and tell her it was alright. He wanted to see her smile through the tears. But he was not strong enough. He was not brave enough.

He watched her as she waited outside the church for a friend. He called to his "girl" just so he could keep looking at her for a longer time. He watched her as she managed a feeble smile and walked away into the darkness. And even though he could not see her anymore, he knew that she had tears in her eyes.

He knew it was foolish to let it happen. He knew it was all wrong. But he could not help it.

As he kissed his "girl" good night and let go of her hand, he realised that he had fallen in love with the prettiest girl in the world. And she was not the one he had just kissed good night.

She was the one who reminded him of soft daisies and rose petals. She was the one who laughed like and angel. She was the one who was now carrying his best friend's child...


  1. hee haw haw!

    this is what happens when you sit up till 2 am playing east of the web! yeh he he!!