Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 things

25 random things, facts, habits, goals about me. Don't know why I am doing this. Probably because I am so jobless... And probably because Nico tagged me in his note. Here goes.

1. I am lazy

2. I hate to exercise

3. I love drinking water

4. I like being nasty to people I don't like

5. I am absolutely in love with Hugh Jackman but I don't think I want like to marry him

6. I love Deucie!

7. I hate working on weekends

8. I love romantic flicks

9. I love cooking but only for myself and the people I really love

10. I love to sing

11. I hate people who drink and think it is hep to do so

12. I hate people who smoke and think it is hep to do so

13. I hate it when people think that I am single and unhappy!

14. I dream about having a white Christmas

15. My dream holiday destination is Venice

16. I am not particularly good at anything but I have realized that it's ok to be average as long I am ready to accept it!

17. I want to own a 50 acres farm-house and have 5 Labradors to keep me company

18. I wish I could paint

19. I love watching sunsets more than sunrises

20. I really want to learn how to play a musical instrument

21. I fantasize about being rich and famous

22. I think Irish men are sexy

23. I want to streak my hair electric blue!

24. I lose my temper really fast and I hate myself for it

25. The only thing I want to do is go back home to mom and dad and live the rest of my life getting pampered and spoiled by them!


  1. What if Hugh jackman proposes to u, then?!

  2. I would have to break his heart then!

    Yeh he he!!