Friday, February 6, 2009

Let the war against the autos begin!

At last, at last, at last! My faith in the system has been restored at long long last and I am just too happy to express it in words!

I had blogged around a month back about how auto drivers were becoming a menace to the citizens and how they were robbing everyone in broad daylight. I had almost lost faith in the system and was dejected because of the no-response attitude of the authorities. Well, perhaps for the first time in my life I am happy saying that I stand corrected! I got a response from Mr. K. Srinivasa, DCP Traffic East, Bangalore City reassuring me that steps were being take to curb the atrocities of these 'goons'. He has also given me an ID where we can all send e-mails regarding the faulty meters of the autos that we board.

The ID is

Just one request to all you readers who are from Bangalore. Take the initiative. Bother to register the complaints. Take the pain of writing down the license no.s as well as registration no.s of the autos you travel in and mail the details if and when complications arise. Lets stop being victims all the time. We all keep saying that things have to change. Let's BE the change!

The mail that Mr. K. Srinivasa, DCP Traffic East, Bangalore City sent me.

Dear Mr.Loreto,
Please refer your mail complaining about autodriver,
Lots of complaints are reaching us every day regarding rude behaviour
of auto drivers.We are holding special drives to curb their antisocial
tendencies and booking cases on them when they refuse to go for hire
and for demanding excess fare.In spite of this in some areas they are
creating problems to commuters.However,we will take necessary action
on them.

You can send complaints regarding defective fare meter to Legal Metrology Department (
This apart,the registration number of auto given by you will be prosecuted as per law.
This is for your information

DCP Traffic East
Bangalore City

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