Monday, July 13, 2009

Of oversleeping and other such evils...

Oversleeping can be quite a bane. For instance, it can contribute to an absolute downfall of your perfectly scheduled and planned life. Like it did to my life. For the past 6 days, my waking time has ranged between 9:30 am to 11:00am. And trust me, it has not been a week of happy leisure and reconnecting with the lazy side of me. It has been a week of absolute disaster. I have continually reached work late for 6 days, which means, at least two of my leaves have been exhausted, plus, I am sure I have put on at least two kilos over the last week, what with oversleeping and overeating as well. I have not done my share of the household chores (my poor sister washed all the clothes as well as cleaned the house all alone), I have fallen back on my reading, and I have absolutely no idea what happened to the weekend. Sigh! I wish I could have my week back!

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