Saturday, February 6, 2010

My fav love songs (in random order of preference) part 2

And the list continues...

Had heard it maybe a million times before, but never liked it - until I heard a crush sing it! :P

Very sweetly written, this one. Fell in love with it the moment I heard it.

Cute cute cute!

Never tire of listening to this one. And the moon and the beach are always a great combination, aren't they?! :)

This used to be my lullaby, not too many years ago!

Many prefer the original, but I love this version more.

Love it love it love it!

Love this one because I know I'll never ever sing this to anyone! :D

With this one, it was love at first listen. :)

One of the first English songs that I heard. And loved! This is a cover. Nothing like the original though.

Instant connect to the lyrics.

It's The Beatles. Need I say more?! LOL!!

Brash and arrogant. Hence, loved. Wish I had written this! :P

Always on my mind....

One of the first few oldies that I learnt to sing as a child!

This one features in this list solely for the lyrics.

It would be a shame not to put this one on the list - Please forgive me, Bryan Adams.

Can't embed the video. Watch it here:

That's all for now. Will update later, soon.


  1. can i have ur email id? becoz i m confining my readers at the poetry blog, so i need ur id to invite u as a reader.

  2. @Quietude

    thanks for remembering me! :)