Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 sure signs that your day is going to be ruined.

  1. You open your eyes and it’s already 9 am.

  1. You need to come out of the bathroom twice before you can actually finish your bath because
    1. You have run out of shampoo
    2. You have run out of soap

  1. You have Maggie for breakfast because there’s no other option and it gives you gas.

  1. You leave home in a hurry only to realise halfway that you’ve left your mobile at home.

  1. You are hurriedly walking to work when an idiot stops you and hands over a leaflet that says, “Free body fat analysis.”

  1. You walk into office and even before you can say “Good Morning” your mobile hits the floor.

  1. There are 10 unread messages in your gmail inbox. All of them are spam except one from your crush. You open it and realise that this one’s spam as well.

  1. You open your Outlook Express and there are 7 unread messages and more receiving.

  1. You spill orange ice candy on your keyboard.

  1. You have spent 3000 bucks the previous day, shopping at Commercial Street.


  1. @pure
    I would have clobbered you had it been you! LOL!!