Thursday, March 18, 2010

Conversation with a love struck “monee”.

The story so far…

He likes her, visits her profile every night to see her pictures, but is tight lipped about his feelings for her, has met her once before and now has finally decided to meet her again.

“She said tomorrow, but I said Saturday.”

“FINALLY! Good.”

“Have met many so called dates before, but this one, I’m a little nervous man!”


“What sheesh?! Dumbo!”

“Make sure you speak to her and don’t end up just staring at her.”

“End up staring at her?? That would be nice!” *giggles like a love struck teenager*

“So will you be telling her how you feel about her?”

“You crazy??!! Not so fast at least. She will think I’m jerk!”

“She has to know, sooner or later.”

“That’s a point. But not at least on the first, ahem, date.”

“I’m sure she already knows.”

“But I haven’t shown any signs. I don’t think she knows.”

“What about the time when you told her that you were showing her pics to your friend?”

“That is my trick to let her know!”




  1. I am no Guru of love...
    But Man.. Mr."In love"
    Better start givin her real signals
    Or else she ld become bored of the "beating around the bush" and start yawning and sleep
    and dream of another prince charming.

    Dnt u want to cm out of ur frog( frog prince) shell?
    Give her signs, let her kiss u n transform into the prince u so much want to be for her...wink

    Go Mr."in love" A.K.A Frog prince.
    Lolo and my blessings ll always b there for u.

  2. Coz we ll get to eat oink oink..yeah!

  3. @kumti
    He he he!

    Mr. "In Love"/ Frog Prince, are you listening??!!! Ha ha ha!!!

  4. Would someone pls tell me who the girl is???