Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For Origami, Ben and Kumti.

I look around and suddenly I realise that I am comfortable here. I have made many friends, a few close ones; I can be myself, I am respected for who I am and what I do.

And just a few years back I had thought this was impossible.

It’s true, what they say: patience pays. Acting on an impulse would have resulted in me leaving within 6 months of my arrival. It’s a miracle I stayed.

It’s been more than two years now, and this feels like home. I belong here. But I know the time to move on will come. Friends will leave. And so will I…

These two odd years here have taught me more than I had ever imagined I would learn.

But more than anything else, I have learnt to trust again. I have re-learnt to reach out when I am alone. I have discovered people, friends, who are willing to accept me for who I am. Most importantly, I have re-learnt to accept faults in people, and love them inspite of everything, just for being the people they are.

I am glad we all landed up here at Origami and became friends.

Ben and Kumti, I love you both and I pray to God that this love doesn’t wear out. Ever.

Kumti and Ben in Origami


  1. Love you too Lolo Love.. :)

  2. Thank you so much for being a wonderful friend, not forgetting that u are an awesome colleague as well..! thank you for accepting the best and worst in me!!

  3. hmmm .. ok to start wit plz change the screen pic of yours >> tht deffi dont look like you atlest the siZzze :p ok, NOT kiddin :p (lol) no matter wat Lolo you kno tat i still love u and u still my frien and we will remain the same for eva n eva, thanks to 'him' cos he is the one who planned it all... and not forgettin the lil rascal, am so glad to know you guiz a lil more than wat other here do. Thankz a lot for accepting me as ur good friend. i hope we will stay the same atleast till we catch our next boat to our new destination.. cross fingers ... Love ya both.

  4. know thy self, and time shall handle the rest :D

  5. @Vishy
    Your pearls of wisdom are ever always welcome and appreciated! :D :D

    Thank you! :) :)

  6. this is one yummy friendship lowie. good one

  7. @Kumti
    :) :)

    Changed. Huh.

    Thanks! :)