Monday, June 21, 2010

Of soul mates, destiny and other pointless stuff.

There’s only one question that plagues me all the time – What if the one who is for me, misses me, and ends up being with someone else? That would mean that even I would have to be with someone else, who was supposed to be with someone else and the mismatch would go on for a long time and thus, influence the lives of many. Just coz the idiot never realised that I was the one for him.

Nice thought that, eh?

As has been made famous by the numerous posts on this blog, my love life has been, well, dismal, for want of a better word. I have always succeeded in shaking away all men, whether I like them or not, from my life. And the ones I have liked seriously… let’s not even talk about them.

But yeah, what if the one who is for me, and the one who I am for, misses me? As in, misses meeting me, or falling in love with me, or realising that I am the one for him. What if we both make a mistake and end up being with the wrong people? How would that influence our lives?

Like they show in the movies, would we somehow end up with each other, inspite of it all, and meet and fall in love even when we are both grey and wrinkled?

Which raises another question: Is there really something called pre-destination? Is it true that some things are just meant to be, and that no matter how hard you try to alter them, it happens, sooner or later? I mean, it could be a good thing and a bad thing.

It’s true isn’t it, the saying that love comes when you least expect it? Could it be possible that I have not yet met the one because it matters too much to me? Is it possible that the day it ceases to matter, the day I begin to preoccupy myself with the other aspects of life and existence itself, love will find me? Or rather, he will find me? Like the miracles, perhaps?

I love the thought that there’s someone who has been made just for me, someone exclusive, someone who’s the other half of me and who will complete me. Someone who’s presence will be so overwhelming and comforting that it wouldn’t matter even if I was in hell…

I don’t know why, but I have this nagging feeling that he has missed me. And it’ll be a long wait before we see each other and fall for each other, again, perhaps?

But then again, what if I am wrong? What if he is not really the one, but someone who I am just presuming to be the one? And what if in the process, I am overlooking the one?

Gawd! It’s blo*dy complicated.


  1. I think the only solution is to be honest
    so no one is fooling anyone :-)

    There is that saying na
    If you love someone and they leave you
    Don't think that you have lost something
    because it is not you who has lost, but them
    since no one will ever love them like you did.
    And for whatever you consider your loss,
    isn't it better they left, because they didn't love you as much, than if they stayed and didn't allow you to find the right person. You have not lost anything...
    except maybe time :-D

  2. @v
    i love these philosophical ramblings of yours! :D :D

  3. the fear u are speaking about has definitely haunted each one of us at some point in life..

    but i totally second anonymous on this..i believe in that too :)

  4. "I love the thought that there’s someone who has been made just for me, someone exclusive, someone who’s the other half of me and who will complete me. "

    Life is not something that has to be completed. We just have to live with what we have and what we get. You dont get a thing when you die,even if you feel completed or not.

    I am a firm believer that you cannot change your destiny. No matter what you do. You can disagree with me, but if we could change our destiny, we all would have changed a lot of it by now!!

    And yes, i liked the way wrote down the thoughts. Good read.


  5. @Pri and Survivingbrain

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by! :)