Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sickness, what the hell!

It’s rather difficult, you know, to try and be at peace when the person you are dating falls ill. I mean, you are concerned for that person. (Kinda obvious, isn’t it, since you are dating him/ her and all that.) And you are very much concerned about his/ her health and would like to know how he/ she is doing every minute of the day: the progress, the reports, the temperature etc. etc.

But then, you are not really a good friend or a family member; not yet anyway. So you fall in that grey area where you are, well, neither of the two. And things become worse when you don’t know anybody from his/ her family, nor do you have any common friends. So you don’t really know how to find out how he/ she is doing.

And it’s kinda weird to call him/ her on his/ her number because you never know when he/ she might be in the middle of an interrogation with the doctor, or when he/ she might have just fallen asleep after a long struggle, or when he/ she is absolutely unfit for conversation.

It’s rather difficult. Especially if you have begun to genuinely care for that person.


Get well soon. I miss the healthy you.


  1. aw :-( awww...

    love is in the air :-D

    hope he's all right by now.

    Be good. Be happy. Be.

  2. you care too much, that's the problem :-)

    Or is it? :)

  3. @Raajii
    Yeah that could be it.

    Or is it? :D :D :D