Thursday, June 28, 2012


Adjective: 1. Having no meaning or significance
                2. Having no purpose or reason

From the red-roofed house
Through the cracks on
The right window’s glass panes.

Fall through to the hard concrete before
Getting caught in the tiny dust ball
Kicked up by the little ‘un’s
Rubber slippers.

Struggle through the jumbled grass
To the alluring ripples for a swim
In the clear stream’s waves
Before a hurried goodbye...

Evaporate. Float.
Without form or a reason for

The clouds notice you
Your meaningless meanderings
And pull you along
To the mountains

Who wait
To make of you
That tiny drop of rain

Predestined to trickle through
Those loosely fitted red tiles into
The room with the cracked glass pane
On the right window...

And there you are,
Back to the beginning.
Just like that.
You tried.

There is no escape.
No running away.
From yourself.

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