Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coming back

I retraced my steps today
With the wild hope that
I would run into you and
I could blame it on fate.
I walked on the roads that we
Once went down together...

Remember the bumbling
Squirrel who miscalculated
A jump and ended up on the
Pavement instead of the wall?

I lingered a little
Unnecessarily. Pretending
To enjoy the familiar sights
Which I would have but
You weren’t there.
The tones of sepia and grey
Were overwhelming...

You never showed.
Neither did the squirrel.
And at that moment, I
Became him.

Bumbling, miscalculating...
I called out your name.
Nothing stirred. Except
The silence which conveyed
That you had left
A long time back.

Coming back wasn’t
Such a good idea
After all.

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