Thursday, August 8, 2013

For Panda

Have you encountered love?
What is it like? Is it an intense,
unsaid conversation in a lift packed
with strangers? Is it smileys sent over chat?
A lingering stare albeit a guarded one when
she isn't looking? Is it concern when there is
silence at the other end of the line?
Is it melancholy? Is it hope, so tiny, it could slip
between your fingers and disappear forever?
Is it patience? What does it feel like? Does it feel
like a thousand pins pricking your arm when she
chooses another over you? Does it melt
your knees and stir your loins and make you want
to explode? Or is it a lever that unlocks
your deepest, most guarded dungeons? 

Maybe love is all of it. Or none of it.
But love has found you, hasn't it? It has
stirred you, disoriented you. And trust me. This could
only mean one thing. That you cannot turn back now.
That you must see it through. And whether you win
or lose in the end, it wouldn't matter. Because by then,
you would have found love too.