Monday, September 9, 2013

Girl talk

That boy who broke your heart? Don’t
try to push him out of your life. It won’t
happen like that. Stalk him. Visit his
Facebook page every day. Be jealous
when he puts up updates of hanging out
with women he never introduced you to. 
Cry your heart out when he ignores your pings.
Think of him every night before you fall asleep and
feel miserable. Call him up and call him names.
Have dirty fights. Sling mud. Accuse. Point fingers.
Burn his gifts, delete his contact, unfriend him. It’s ok.

Go out with Mr. Wrong. Have a few coffees with him.
Get drunk and make him drop you home. Hold his hand,
not because you like him, but because you want to feel
wanted. And when you have had enough,
ask him to leave. Break his heart. It will make
you appreciate yourself a little more: the realization that
you too can break hearts.

Be a bitch. Be mean to people you don’t like.
Refuse to help a friend who takes you for granted.
And for once, be self-centric. Don’t change your plans
for people. Make them change their plans for you.
Speak up to your boss. Refuse to do something
you don’t believe in. And your weekends?
Take them damn seriously.

Go shopping even if your bank balance is
dangerously closing in on zero.
Buy that kurta you have been eyeing for some time now.
Buy those whimsical earrings. Wear a bindi even if
you are told that they don’t suit you. Wear kajal. Lots of it.
Blow kisses at yourself in the mirror and wink. You are
not going crazy. And even if you are, so what?
A little crazy is good.

And finally, when you are ready, let him go.
Reconcile yourself to the fact that it is not
going to happen: the reunion that you have
so passionately been dreaming of. He is never
coming back to you. Go and make your peace with him.
And eventually, pick your battle. Carefully.
And fight.

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