Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autos - a pain in the a**!!

And so I fought with an auto-walah again! And guess what? I gave him full one hundred bucks from my home to office. And the distance, if calculated properly is exactly 11 kms. If it is Rs. 7 per km, then the meter should read exactly Rs. 77. But this idiot's meter read Rs. 88. Just Rs. 10 you say? Well, if everyday I give 10 bucks extra to these jokers, then at the end of the month, it becomes Rs. 300. And Rs. 300 is a big amount. Multiply that by 12 and it comes to 3600 bucks. And why should I give Rs. 3600 to stupid auto-walahs when I can be using that for so much better things? And because I was so goddam pissed with that ba*****, I even returned the change that he had given me for 100!!

I bitched about him with my sis and told her that he would surely meet with an accident today and hopefully break a leg so that he would not be able to drive an auto for months together! So much for being an auto-traveller!

And I wonder why the police never book them for charging more than they should. If I try taking an auto from Brigade road to Forum, they ask me for Rs. 120! One guy even went on to say that he was asking that much because the govt. had gone mad or something like that!! I mean, hello! 120 bucks from Brigade road to Forum?? WTF??!!

At 8 pm they ask me for one and half on meter. And if I say it's only 8 they say that there's traffic and that they would have to come back empty!

The entire system is so goddam f*****!!

Some days I set out like a crusader against this malpractice and refuse to board autos which ask extra over the meter or refuse to turn the meter. And guess what? Some other dude or chick would be willing to give them that much and more!! I wonder when people will learn!

The idiot this morning said that money doesn't come simply. Like my money is taken from the trees! What the hell man??!! I slog my ass off every freaking day and at the end of the month my salary still gets deducted for taking a day off or reaching late! And these idiots say that we have the money but are not willing to give them. Why the f******* hell should I give them what is not theirs?

Freaking thieves.

And the saddest part is, I cant even say that I'll boycott them from tomorrow! Why you ask me? Ever tried travelling by bus in Bangalore at the office hours?!!


  1. actually yes (about the bus)
    and it was fun - like bhangra
    hands held high, jerky movements, sweat

    about the post

    there's a saying - never let anyone get the best of you -
    even if they do - pretend it didn't matter to you.
    Say what you have to say and be gone.
    People we don't know (strangers) have a much greater effect on us than we would admit.
    if someone wrongs you - tell them and leave it at that.
    That usually makes them realise sooner or later what they did wrong. Unless ofcourse they enjoy doing it - in which case nothing you do short of shooting them will help.
    :-) like the gentle stream that withers rocks

  2. profound...

    I am at peace!!
    :D :D

  3. shucks :-)
    on the other hand - rage is good
    if it results in something better

  4. hmmm...

    hopefully it will!

    :D :D

  5. I thought the world hasn't seen a serial auto-walah killer yet..until i read this blog...

  6. :)

    But as you might have noticed, I am at peace!!

    :D :D