Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a sad world

I believe everyone deserves their share of happiness. But at what cost? Is shattering somebody else's world to build your own a justified move? Is it ok to take away what was rightfully others as your own just because you think that this will make you happier? And does it make you happy at all?

And what about responsibilities? What about blaming others? What about running away conveniently when you are needed the most and coming back when somebody has already taken the brunt of your actions?

How far can you run, really? How much can you exploit and abuse? Won't it all come back to you one day? Some day? And what about all the people that you hurt along the way? Won't all that come back too?

I don't understand how people can live so recklessly, so much that they cease to notice feelings and emotions around them. Does the speed of a fast life make everything around so blurred that they forget to distinguish between right and wrong??

It's all so confusing. And sadly, I already know that there is little I can do to change all that was and is. I can only be a spectator to the drama that unfolds! And even though I feel for the characters and empathise with them, I need to take care not to get entangled in the web that they have built around them.

It's a sad world.


  1. hi ....hw can u write so good !!!!
    anywez ...i like reading u....cant u get in touch with me at ??
    waiting for ur reply.....

  2. @kunal

    thanks a ton for liking the crap!! lets keep in touch through blogspot!

    @oopsie daisy

    wasn't life always complex??!! :/

  3. life wasn't, isn't

    it's us humans that complicate things