Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I just can't!!!

But how can it be just sex? I mean, come on! Don't females on the heavier side ever get true love in their lives? Don't they ever get married and eventually have, well, sex with their husbands? I am finding it a little hard to wholly agree with this concept. I mean, yes, I know being of an optimum weight is good for health and also for a happy life. But is sex the only criteria for love, relationships, marriage and a happy life together?? Isn't sex an aspect of love? How can love be an aspect of sex?! Because won't almost every "hot chick" one day become old and sagged? Isn't youth temporary? Rather than sex, shouldn't compatibility and dependability the main criteria for people to fall in love?? I just can't agree to the sex being the basis of all relationship crap. I just can't!!


  1. thank gawd!

    finally you've got some sense back.

    my theory
    sex+desire-love=fun (theoritically atleast)

    and as for fat -