Friday, September 12, 2008

The Summer of '99

What a lovely Summer that was. We would play basketball every afternoon, and after that go away on our bicycles for a ride amidst the tea gardens. Carefree days, when all that was important was reaching the court on time and defeating the other team. Be it rain or sun, just be there, dribbling, shooting, falling, fouling!

And amidst the tea plants and jacaranda trees, I sought for romance... which of course never happened then. How could it? I was all of 14, very pimpled and of course, like now, very largely built!

But now when I look back, romance was everywhere. In the red setting sun, against which we played our "lastestest" game of the day. In the pushing of bicycles up a steep dirt road so we could "fly" down. In just sitting beside the mountain spring, imagining that it was the sea. In running away from home to pick orchids from trees...

We were such happy kids, who drew water from strangers' wells when thirsty, and they would smile and offer us red tea instead. And when it rained, we would huddle under a small umbrella, hoping against hope that when we reach home wet, our moms would not scold us. We would run after dragon flies of all colours, red, blue, orange...

I wish those days would come back. I wish I could again keep looking for romance without a hilch of guilt, just like that pimply teenager, for whom love existed only in "smuggled" Mills and Boons novels and a stray "Shahrukh Khan" movie!

I wish I could again live life without cares and complications.

I wish I could become me again!


  1. I wish I knew what you were talking about
    :-) he, he

    more appropriately you might like my bro's (kamal) song

    Its called Gunsong ;-)


    Lyrics can be found here -

    actually there is no connection except for the "i wish".....

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